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Alternative sexual preferences, civil rights and hate speech April 28, 2009

Posted by Greg Korgeski, Ph.D. in Uncategorized.

Here is a link to a speech by Dr. Gloria Brame on alternative (particularly BDSM) sexual communities.  She makes many good points that underscore the basic truth that folks whose core sexual identities include some kind of identification with, or fundamental interest or pleasure in “kinky” experiences, are basically treated differently, with less respect, in the mainstream press and communities than “vanilla” or even gay/lesbian/transgender individuals.  (Which is similar to my critique of the tone of Bergner’s Other Side of Desire in my recent posts.)  

Brame goes on to say,

But when did you ever see a headline describing someone as “Vanilla Madman?” Or a “Only Likes Missionary Position” Girlfriend? Never. No one ever bothers to expose the intimate lives of vanilla people. Yet when it comes to people like us, the press — and the law — feel entitled to invade our privacy and expose us to public ridicule. When media and courts put the spotlight on what we do, instead of who we are, they show a bais against BDSM by implying that crime and BDSM are linked. That implication is a subtle form of hate speech that goes unnoticed — except, of course, by anti-SM proselytizers whose prejudices are fueled by such propaganda.

Her speech is well worth a read.



1. HvdK - April 28, 2009

I think it will help a great deal if people within the bdsm world would give a great example by not ridiculing vanilla sex. The gay movement started to get in the 1980s rights and acceptance after they stopped ridiculing heterosexuals and bisexuals. It makes sense to me.

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